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Exp: 15 Sept, 2020

Join our Apprenticeship Programme

Ojaayo Apprenticeship Programme

Do you dream of owning your own business online?
What is stopping your from achieving this? Money, skills? What if you can get all of these and be your own boss?

Well, you CAN by signing up to Ojaayo START-UP!

Ojaayo START-UP is an apprenticeship scheme designed for individuals to learn the tricks to running an e-commerce store. The apprentices will be giving a their very own online store worth over N500,000 at the end of their training. Curious? Here’s how it works!



Apply to serve

  • Five (5) individuals will be selected and trained each year by our team with a startup of goods worth N100,000 each.

Upgrading you...

  • Successful apprentices, after the One-year training will become full owners of the Ojaayo store and will receive an additional N500,000 worth of products.

Enjoy the freedom

  • We assist you sell while you focus on being your own boss.

Very juicy offer, right? If you think you deserve to become an apprentice with us, follow the steps below.

Like us on Facebook on facebook.com/ojaayoshopping

Follow us on Instagram @ojaayo and 

Follow us on Twitter @ojaayoshopping

Finally fill out the registration form below

The process is absolutely FREE! Application ends on the 2nd of October 2020. Didn’t make the cut? Don’t worry. The Ojaayo Apprenticeship Program takes place every YEAR. So, if you are aren’t selected now, you can always try again.

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